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These are the people we are up against!

These are the people we are up against!

Hint: They don't believe a word of what they are saying. But they demand you believe.

This will be a humdinger; a multi-media extravaganza. You may need more than one sitting to get through it. But, trust me, it WILL be worth it. Cheers.

More about this in the last segment.

Uh oh! Brandon has more documents!

For the fifth time now, classified documents spanning many years, more than a decade, have been found in places they shouldn’t have been, taken by a guy who shouldn’t have been taking them.

The talking heads continue to remind us about the differences between the Trump and Biden document debacles. But the points they highlight are either unimportant or ignorant based on which talking head is…well…talking.

There are stark differences at work here.


Let’s start with the Donald.

Now, you’ve likely heard a lot of this. But you may not have seen it all laid out at once, and concisely.

In January of ‘21 Trump left the White House after years of enduring the Left throwing shitballs at him, which he endured with amazing humor. He never broke stride. If he felt put upon, it didn’t show it at rallies. He continued to love on his audience. And they loved him back.

He counter charged, and he was right to do so. Of all the faults you might find with Donald Trump, none of the complaints of the DC Swamp were true.

He surely made his case against what he saw as a dirty election (more on this later) on January 6th. But if you read his speech, he DID NOT incite riot. He did make an all-American case for The People seeking redress and protesting. You’d think the Left would at least understand that. It’s all they know how to do. Well…that and try to run everybody else’s lives for them.

Still, his insolence needed to be punished by the Swamp. And they would start yet another round last summer.

As the Left previously charged, Trump wasn’t colluding with Russians as, it turns out the next POTUS was, along with Mexicans and Guatemalans and Ukrainians and Chinese… Hell, Joe had a regular UN of corruption going.

The Russian attempt to “steal” the 2016 election by posting phony messages on social media had nothing to do with Trump. But that is where all the Get Trump crap started. The docs were just the latest attempt. In fact the posts were quite transparent and real amateur stuff compared to what Barry O and Sleepy Joe did to Israel, an ally.

Barry O and Sleepy Joe. That sounds like a vaudeville stage act. [snippet]

And they bragged about their election interference. I believe it was Barry who described his efforts to oust Bebe Netanyahu as both covert and overt WHILE THE ELECTION INTERFERENCE WAS TAKING PLACE! Only a pretend college professor would brag about an ongoing covert act. What a Dumas! What a maroon!

How many people remember the news cycle when the talk of Russian interference first emerged. At the time, they were targeting TRUMP. The DOJ actually started sniffing around the issue but Barry O told them to stand down because there didn’t seem to be an issue worth pursuing. But there were posts about Hillary as well. The point of the social media campaign was to sew discord. And the Left fell for it. The took bait, hook, line and sinker. Thanks to the blind corruption of the Left, the Russians were spectacularly successful in accomplishing their mission with a few hundred really lame social media posts.

And when BJ Bill’s wife lost the election we heard “Russia, Russia Russia” from that day to this.

Trump did NOTHING wrong in the request to Ukraine to investigate Joe and the Crackhead. Another empty complaint by the Dems. Not only were he and his staff quite prescient in making the request (they saw then what we know now), he made it totally legit when he said his AG would honcho the program for the US. That put him specifically within the letter of the law.

I could go on. But, you might astutely ask, what does all that have to do with the documents? And what does any of it have to do with the Revolt? To which I say patterns, my boy, patterns. Modis operundi. This is all building toward a point. Be patient. All will be revealed.

Let’s get down and dirty with the documents.

Let’s say, I’m POTUS. Oh, would that this nation be so fortunate. I am in the oval orifice, as Rush liked to call it, and my CIA director hands me a document marked Extra Super Duper Crazy Secret. And by weird circumstance I happen to know the pastor of St. John’s Episcopal is an authority on the subject of this very document. I can put that paper in a folder and march directly across Lafayette square and show it to him. As president, I am the final arbiter of classification and need-to-know.

Trump says he declassified the documents he brought from the White House. Did he wave his arms over the documents and use the proper incantations to do it? Who knows? You don’t. But they ended up in a locked closet in Mar-a-lago. A home and resort bristling with Secret Service and private security.

Some time later, the Archivist at the National Archives pitches a hissy fit. I think this is the same guy who approved Barry O having millions of documents in an old furniture store in Illinois, no secret service, no security, for YEARS. The ultimate disposition of all documents, of which Barry O still has his copies, were painstakingly negotiated.


Remember, the significance of classification is the information, not the velum the information is printed on, and Barry O still has his copies.

Fast forward back to last year and the librarian's hissy fit. He demands his documents back from the residence at Mar-a-lago, which are locked in a closet and surrounded by Secret Service every day. Okay, Karen, the Justice Department will look into it.

And they did. Trump immediately made a case for having the documents. And negotiations started. In June, archivists and the FBI went to Mar-a-lago and looked at the documents and the storage arrangements. They could have taken every scrap. They just told the Secret Service to put an second lock on the storage room door.

As we got into the summer, the Dems realized the ratings for their sit-com (Jan 6 hearings) were in the toilet. Nobody but them and few people with TDS gave a shit about the 1/6 mini riot anymore. They needed fresh ammo to keep Trump from running again.

And Merrick Garland and Joe Duh rode to the rescue. With document negotiations still hanging, they sent the now familiar SWAT teams (a pethetic devaluation of an important asset) to stage a high drama “raid” of Mar-a-lago. This was clearly another attempt to create a Trump “issue”. Their obsession with this guy is unhealthy.

Before we get to Brandon’s document problems, two points:

  1. You are now hearing the talking heads inventing a new narrative. They are saying that the Vice President can declassify stuff. He can’t. And in the case of much of the material, it predates any fictitious reason Brandon might have had to declass the documents he had at his house. So when you hear this, blow it off.

  2. In my heart of hearts, I couldn’t care less if Trump runs again or falls in a sink hole. I have written about him pretty extensively over the years. I usually ding him, sometimes pretty hard. When he’s wrong I say so. When he gets it right I say that too. So the point of all of this will be established by the end of the post, but it is not to help or hurt DJT.

Now let’s talk about Brandon.

He’s a shitload darker than Trump ever was in his speeches. All this Ultra-MAGA crap he’s been told to spew has divided this nation on a scale we’ve never witnessed. That’s intentional. Browse this Substack for the thinking behind the Great Reset and ESG.

And whether you believe it is possible to rig a presidential election or not, if you say our elections, across the board are on the up and up, you have a serious disconnect with reality. I’ve written about this and I’ll write more about that in a later post.

And I have already mentioned Joe Duh’s pay-for-play schemes with the Crackhead. So the background is laid.

As mentioned earlier, the VP does not have declass authority. So, ANYTHING found in his residence that predates his presidency is immediately a federal criminal matter. There is no question about that.

Further, there are documents he has had, none of which apparently had the least safe storage, SINCE HE WAS A SENATOR! That is a huge NO-NO! There are occasions, places and procedures under which member of congress can see classified documents. None of these include, “in my garage with my Corvette”.

I know Brandon is trying to establish the notion that if the TS stuff was in a pile of crap next to his prized car that represents some notion of security. In reality it just makes him sound as pathetic as he really is. Yes, you can lock the big garage door. And if you have a nice car, you probably do. But ANYONE INSIDE THE HOUSE, including the crackhead and some bimbo he might be trying to impress, can walk into the garage from the house any time they wish.

But a complete lack of security around this stuff is only one aspect of the impeachment trial that should occur. The real question, the major point a trial must contend with, is…WHY?

As I go through this segment, keep in mind, we just busted a very senior FBI official in New York for having a shady relationship with ONE Russian oligarch. ONE! And he’s going away for all day.

I am 100% sure there are countless incidents every year of people who have classified documents where they shouldn’t be, that fly under the radar. I am equally sure these are mostly one-offs. An official chucks the wrong folder into his briefcase and locks up his wife’s Christmas list in his safe. Or someone is really under the gun to complete a project and bites her lip and takes some material home to keep working. None of this makes it okay. And if you are caught, you get what Brandon should get at the hands of an honest Congress.


Since WWII we have had a string of people who did more than that. They have on more than one occasion taken documents from their proper secure location, some over many years. NONE of these tales end happily for the people caught doing it. And the motivation for it, the WHY, is never innocent.

Joe Duh has been carting classified home for decades. Why? He and the Crackhead, on the record now, are up to their eyeballs in foreign influence and dirty cash. This includes super shady people from Ukraine, Russia and China, for Christ’s sake!. There are millions of dollars that have poured into their hands that have no easy explanation. And the Crackhead had easy access to all of the docs. Why? What were they for? Please, I beg you, don’t say memoirs.

…Annnnd breathe.

Man! Take a breather. I know I am blasting you with difficult issues. So, relax for a minute. Take deep breaths and think about your happy place. If you have to, pause the audio for a minute. Then come back and we’ll have a quiet sidebar.

I won’t spend the break spouting off about the importance of joining the Revolt. If this episode doesn’t do that I have to reassess my command of the English language.

But I will ask for your support. I am keeping the Revolt free for all content. I will be improving on sound, bringing in guests and adding video later in the year. But man does not live on Spaghettios alone.

I am depending on my Etsy site to keep me at the keyboard. So to support the movement, please do your gift and coffee mug shopping at Po River. There’s lots of stuff to chose from. There are production pieces to one-of-a-kind works.

As we move on, maybe you can play some plinky-plinky meditation music in the background to keep your blood pressure stable. It works for me. I swear, I’m playing “Mystic Temple” on my ear buds right now. It totally zones me out.

I am looking forward to when we can do some group rides and rallies. While important, we should have some fun while we do good works.


Back to documents

While negotiating the return of material from Mar-a-lago, the AG sent a swat team to make a big splash. No crime can be legitimately implied at this point, or they’d have taken everything in June.

After Brandon’s lawyers “found” sensitive material in a closet of an unsecured location, the AG did nothing. When the lawyers search another location and “found” more the AG appoints a special counsel. That was window dressing. If he were serious, every Biden location outside the White House would have been declared a crime scene. In the latest “search” the lawyers “invited” the FBI to search the Biden Wilmington home.

Well, this has been going on since November 2nd. What the hell took them so long to get there?

The lawyers and the FBI had a cordial and cooperative toss of the home. That’s a far cry from how Trump’s lawyers were treated in Florida. They were treated like co-conspirators. The attitude of the SWAT team was openly hostile.

So, from top to bottom, the motivation for disparate handling of the two cases is crystal clear. The least goal is to embarrass Trump and carry Brandon. The ambition is to put Trump out of politics and cover up a criminal matter for the sitting President.

And now we get to why I would spend this much time, on the Revolt, discussing a matter that might be more appropriate in one of my other venues. That reason is understanding the people we are up against. We have to view their support for things like ESG and crippling the nation’s energy supply through the lens of a criminal investigator.

I’ve always set Hillary and Nancy aside for the harshest criticism when it comes to corruption and scorched earth politics. I admit I have no fuse when listening to Hillary talk about uplifting women, or Nancy showing up once a year with ashes on her silly head. And they truly are corrupt individuals. But they also swim on an ocean of corruption that was unimaginable just 40 years ago. They are the Cover Girls, the poster children for the stench that comes from the District of Columbia today.

Everything I wrote above is just a symptom of the problem. I have always suspected that Joe Duh’s involvement in international shakedowns was inspired by watching BJ Bill and Hillary doing the same thing. Joe just isn’t that smooth. And Hillary isn’t on crack.

But these are the people who are responsible for the world we know today. These are the people allowing China to by millions of acres of farmland (and, oh by the way, some pretty substantial thorium deposits in the bargain). These are the people the ESG movement would be powerless without.

For every “Green” scam, for every carbon credit scam, for every issue of social and financial control, there are many billions of dollars to be made by the phony advocates, like Al Gore, and the politicians that grease the skids for them.

The reason the Revolt is not a letter writing campaign or a petition is because I understand, as you are coming to understand (and may already) that the people we are dealing with consider themselves above such nonsense. They have no interest in the consent of the governed. In their minds there are the governed and them. The latter rules the former. Period. Laws are window dressing to be skirted or ignored and woe betide the lunatic that crosses them.

So we need numbers and action. We need to make life difficult for them. Ultimately, we need them out of positions of influence over our lives. And that destroys their power and money. And that they will fight.

As an example of attitude, arrogance, consider Davos and the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is the place from which ALL green scams, ESG and food scams emanate. Look at John Kerry. He stood in front of the Davos cult and referred to himself and them as a select group of human beings. Who selected them? I didn’t. And from whence do they draw an ounce of authority over anything? The answer is they don’t. But they wield incredible power through their cult members in the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, Central Banks, etc. They have hundreds of cult members that come from the US, Canadian and European governments.

And Biden and the Left are the THINGS through which these warped programs are coming to our shores. Brandon has been instructed to shove ESG into every corner of our society. This is the real world equivalent of Scientology kookiest control mechanisms turned loose on the world. Meat is poison. Eat bugs. Windmills are the way of the future. And it’s already in your neighborhood.

Many of these ESG actions are not even a matter of law. They are just being declared and enacted by an out-of-control Executive Branch and the people who hide behind the throne.

Two years ago I listened to a woman at Davos explaining to the group that they are the elite (her word) and they had a difficult challenge making the non-elite understand the amazing things they had planned for them. In a show of naked media subservience, the AP referred to these perpetual adolescents as the elite.

But the booby prize for the craziest Davos rant goes to Al Gore. This is a man who, to date, has made $300M running “green” scams around the globe. And that’s just the number we know. It is his nonsense that laws and policies in this country, that stand athwart the Constitution and YOUR RIGHTS, are based.

After being shamelessly stroked by the hostess, Al launches into a Reichstag-like tirade of lunacy. Enjoy.

You can scroll up and pause the audio here, or just keep following along and catch Al’s silly rant after the podcast.

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I only have a couple observations before moving here.

Er, um, what’s a rain bomb? Is he talking about California getting a lot of rain this year? Hmmm. Was that caused by climate change that goes beyond the constant climate change we’ve seen since the earth cooled? And what has California suffered from every year since anyone of us was born. That’s right. Drought. Was that caused by the cult-version of climate change? That’s a pretty talented anomaly. But Fat Albert does a good job of listing a lot of the contrary things CO2 causes, according to the cult.

Also, Al, if we released the heat of 600,000 Hiroshima bombs every day, starting on a Friday, and none of it escaped into space, I’m pretty sure we’d all be dead by Tuesday lunch. Such claims are pure fabrications created to shock you into surrendering your lives to the Borg. They aren’t true.

And oopsie, Al made a truth poopie and let the cat out of the bag. The Inflation Reduction Act, doing NOTHING to fight inflation, was “primarily a Climate Act”. He stated emphatically that we were intentionally deceived so HE could make more money and the Borg could have more power.

It reminds me of the time Zeek Emanuel laughed on the air and said of course they lied about keeping your doctor and insurance. He said if they didn’t they knew they wouldn’t have gotten control of the medical insurance industry. No…wait…Did you think the ADA/Obamacare was about actual MEDIAL CARE? No! It was a scam to nationalize the insurance industry! Geez. Keep up!

And Gore is encouraged that our outlay for the nonsense he spews in the video will be much higher than $350B. We’ve already spent twice that on “green” scams. We should have a windmill on every acre of ground and a solar farm on every median strip in the country by now. Oh, but there are so many corporate boards to corrupt and grease, so many politicians with their hands out. So…well yeah, we may have wasted hundreds of billions so far with little to show for it, but when all the key players are fattened up, we’ll get there.

His “90% of all new energy projects worldwide” line I reject as a lie out of hand. But, if he was able to somehow wrangle that out of a statistic backflip, that would be 90% of what? A few wind or solar projects in Zimbabwe? Because he is sure as hell not including China or India, who are working to get a coal plant on every street corner. Whether Albert jotted it down on a scratch pad before the conference or made it up on the fly during his rant, a lie is still a lie.

But here’s why the “green” scams should be rejected with prejudice. Not a single goal defined by Gore, et al. can be truly quantified. They have no clue how much they’ll effect the global temperature over the next century. They damn sure can’t calculate that down to 1.8 degrees one way or the other. And you will pay and pay and pay, here in the West. Suckers. India won’t. China won’t. Most of Africa won’t. But you will! Suckers.

I gotta get these magnets out for a spin.

Here’s an interesting side note: The primary sponsors of one of the climate workshops at Davos was a Chinese fossil fuel company! If you research it, you’ll note that China almost never comes up in discussions; only obliquely, if at all.

And just for fun: 1400 private planes into and out of Davos. Playground of the elite, the select human beings. And truckloads of hookers came from all over the Eurasian land mass. Must be nice when you are fighting atmospheric rivers and boiling oceans. (I’m never going swimming again. I’ll just end up a handsome, sexy pot roast!) Maybe the elite flew in on wind powered private planes.

So these are the oppressors. They WILL ruin your life. They are ecstatic at the US border crisis, inflation (they had a huge hand in) AND the Ukraine war. They are happy with the drug overdoses. THEY are the people who came up with the idea to cripple our farming and energy sectors. These are all things they NOW say they will fix for you if we can just eliminate the devil gas, CO2 and let them utterly dominate our lives.

It’s up to you now. You can sit there and shake your head then move on to some cute kitten videos. Or you can join the fight. Grab two people who are as concerned about the VERY NEAR future of the country and roll with us.

We MUST point out the obvious corruption every time it surfaces. There is no shortage of opportunity.

Remember Solzhenitsyn: “Let their rule not hold through me.”

We MUST get our farming and energy sectors back up and running. We must nationalize all Chinese farm holdings and reimburse them with whatever we can sell them all for, and ALL ZONED AGRICULTURAL! We should do the same to Gates considering his motivations. It is illegal to corner the market on vital services.

We have to get on the backs of our representatives, in their email and on their websites to bring them around. Shame them if necessary. Because once this stuff is in place, it will be too late to get the country back. They will have the power to turn your electric tinker toy car and your household electricity on and off. They will be able to turn your credit card on and off. And there won’t be cash. You’ll be using the convenient and reliable (easily manipulated) US digital currency, a reality as of mid November ‘22.

The technology is too strong. We whoop them now or they WILL whoop us!

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